St Vincent’s College

St Vincent’s College is a day and boarding school situated in Potts Point, Sydney.  The College was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1858 and is now under the stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.

The students of St Vincent’s College are very conscious that they have inherited a strong and unique school spirit from the many generations that have gone before them.  It is a spirit generated from the College values of generosity of spirit, hope, justice, respect and service of the poor.  Every student is encouraged to fully participate in a curricular and co-curricular program designed to inform, transform and empower her to be a courageous woman of action.

The joy of learning, a lively and caring community, a vibrant inner-city location, and a highly committed team of educators offer each student an engaging learning environment.


St Vincent's College
Rockwall Cres,
Potts Point   NSW   2011



Minimize Past and present members


*Mrs Anne Fry 2015 – 
*Ms Fay Gurr 2009 -2014
*Ms Michele Hugonnet 2002- 2008
*Miss Caroline Duhigg 1995-2001
 Sr Margaret Berne 1984-1993
 Sr Maria Wheeler 1977-1983
 Sr Mildred Carroll 1970-1976
 Sr Marion Corless 1962-1969
 Sr Genevieve Campbell 1961
 Sr Amadeus Paine 1960
 Sr Joan Jurd 1956-1959
 Sr Isabel Waldron 1951-1955
 Sr Laurence Young 1950
 Sr Peter Fenessy 1949
 Sr Marion Corless 1945-1948
 Sr Maria Joseph Hegarty 1944
 Sr Francis Jerome Donovan 1938-1943
 Sr Carmella Kissane 1937
 Sr Dympna Bruton 1926-1936
 Sr Joachim Burns 1923-1925
 Sr Benedicta Martin 1921-1922
 Sr Kevin Purtell 1912-1920
 Sr Gerard Ryan 1897-1912
 Sr Ursula Brutin 1882-1896
 Sr Frances McGuigan 1865-1881
 Sr Aloysius Raymond 1858-1864

* denotes AHIGS membership - Please note that not all Heads have been members of AHIGS. 

L denotes Life Member