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Roseville College is a non-selective, Anglican day school for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 on Sydney’s North Shore, founded in 1908.

Alongside a varied and high-calibre academic curriculum, students from Kindergarten to Year 12 engage actively in a balanced school life and they make the most of myriad opportunities available.

The School’s vision is Realising Purpose by leading in girls’ education through four qualities that we are renowned for: Christian Faith, Character, Leadership and strong Community.

The School is known for these qualities, where girls thrive as they live and learn for purpose. Ours is a caring, vibrant, connected College community; consequently, girls develop a strong sense of belonging, ownership and connection to the College and to one another. Here, the College prepares each girl with an education that serves her for life, in a culture of excellence. Learning for purpose is driven through academic rigour and quality teaching that inspires each girl to strive for her best. Personalisation of learning and equipping each girl with a progressive, robust attitude to learning enable girls to take responsibility, overcome challenge and be curious.

The School ranks among the top educational performers in NSW, promoting a rigorous and challenging curriculum for Junior and Senior girls; including global initiatives like the IB Primary Years Program for Kindergarten to Year 6, and the prestigious Cambridge Courses for Years 9 -10.

The value of a Roseville College education is evinced by student testimonies of personal best achievements and is demonstrated by consistently strong results in NAPLAN, educational testing and competitions, and consistently strong HSC outcomes.

Importantly, Roseville Old Girls (the College’s graduates) credit the School with a significant role in helping them develop indispensable and commendable qualities such as self-confidence, optimism, a spirit of enquiry, wisdom and personal accountability, a concern for others, and the courage and confidence to “have a go”.




27 Bancroft Avenue, Roseville NSW 2069, Australia

+61 2 9884 1100




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*Dr Briony Scott 2006- 2011
*Mrs Elaine Collin 2000- 2006
*L Mrs Joy Yeo 1984-1999
*Mrs Mary Richardson 1972-1984
*Mrs Mavis Honey 1959-1972
 Miss E. McMaster Horner 1952-1958
 Miss Cynthia Rogers 1947-1952
 Miss Isobel Davies 1908-1947

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