Meriden is an academic school that offers a high-quality balanced education for young women. Founded in 1897, it is one of Sydney’s leading independent schools, educating girls from Pre-Kindergarten (4 years of age) through to graduation in Year 12.  Approximately 1,300 students attend Meriden.  The size of the school allows us to offer wide subject choice and an extensive range of cocurricular activities while maintaining a steadfast focus on the individual student.

Every year Meriden ranks among the top independent girls’ schools in the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (HSC), with students consistently featuring on the HSC All-Round Achievers’ List. 

While academic success is the foundation of the education at Meriden, experiences in the performing arts, sport and numerous cocurricular activities provide a complete education.

Meriden is renowned for its commitment to developing well-rounded young women who are confident, articulate and generous leaders, well-equipped to become courageous and innovative leaders of the future.

Meriden is located in Strathfield, a well-established professional suburb of Sydney. Situated 15 minutes by train from the city centres of Sydney and Parramatta, its central location allows students from all areas of the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding regions to attend Meriden. 




address - 

10-12 Redmyre Road
Strathfield NSW 2135

+02 9752 9444





Minimize Past and present members


*Dr Julie Greenhalgh 2007-
*L Mrs Denise Thomas 2006 - (Interim Head)
*Mrs Carolyn Blanden 2003- 2006
*Mrs Denise Thomas 1985 – 2002
*L Miss Sheila Morton 1966-1984
*Miss Joy Fox 1961-1965
*Miss Evelyn James 1959-1961
 Miss Eleanor Colborne 1958 (Acting)
*Miss Elsie Hannam 1941-1957
*Miss Grace Overy 1926-1940
*Miss Bertha Turner 1908-1925 Founding member of Headmistresses Association of NSW 1916
 Mrs Jeannie Monckton 1897-1908