Danebank is a leading school for girls in Hurstville, NSW, with a reputation for outstanding community, results and citizenship. 

We work towards each girl engaging in an environment that ignites her enthusiasm for learning and her imagination of what’s possible, and that empowers her to achieve her potential.

Our students are encouraged to develop their natural gifts and to discover new ones. They are encouraged to strive for their best and to develop confidence in their own abilities. They are encouraged to fulfil their potential in every way, to serve the wider community and to model integrity. Danebank girls express a strong sense of belonging to their friends and to their school.

Danebank girls express their gifts and talents unencumbered by any gender restrictions. They study Physics and high levels of Mathematics. They are school leaders, performers and artists. They are experts in technology. They can hit a home run. They can play the drums. They achieve among the best in the state, some among the best in the country.

We nurture each girl as she learns about the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and so that she is encouraged to uphold the highest personal standards of integrity, respect for others, compassion and service to the wider community.

An inspired Danebank girl is confident, empowered and compassionate. Her keen mind and faithful heart are aflame and they are a promise of a productive and meaningful life.

Extra and co-curricular opportunities

Extensive extra-curricular opportunities can be chosen from in music, sport, drama, technology and debating for extension and self-expression.

Music: Students of all ages are encouraged to participate in extra musical activities. Our famous Danebank Bellringers, as well as numerous choirs, bands and ensembles offer ample opportunities to perform.

Drama: Our annual major stage production and TheatreSports groups offer students the opportunity to express their creativity.

Sport: Danebank girls are extremely enthusiastic about playing sports and they have many opportunities. They are encouraged to do their best, to learn new skills and to be good team members, applauding others for their achievements.

Debating is a great opportunity for students to develop their skills in public speaking. They consider and discuss different topical issues, all while working cooperatively in a team. Danebank participates in the Archdale Debating competition for girls from Year 7 to Year 12, with seven different teams competing from each school. 

Technology: Robotics and coding clubs and extension groups meet weekly to work on projects and “taste” new apps and equipment.

Service to others: Our girls are encouraged to think about their place in the world and to form their personal response to the Christian message. The girls organise various fund raisers, such as mufti days and collections of goods in support of worthwhile causes.

Campus and Facilities

Danebank’s impressive campus spans between Park Road and The Avenue, Hurstville. Our facilities, containing state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment, include:

  • *  Stage 1 Junior School building: opened on May 2018, with ample space and resources for future-focussed learning. Planning for further stages progressing apace.
  • *  The Aquatic Centre: a large water polo pool which is also suitable for general swimming, a beginners’ learn-to-swim pool, change rooms and offices.
  • *  Gymnasium: multi-purpose courts, PDHPE class room, s mezzanine area suitable for dance or other activities and staffrooms.
  • *  Performing Arts Centre (PAC): the heart if our campus with a large auditorium that seats up to 800m people, a large stage and professional-quality audio-visual equipment, music classrooms, drama studios and staff rooms.
  • *  Beautiful, well-kept campus and sports courts.


80 - 98 Park Road, Hurstville NSW 2220
Junior School
(+612) 9580 9242
Senior School
(+612) 9580 1415


Minimize Past and present members

*Dr Emma Burgess: 2020 – current
*Mrs Maryanne Davis: 2010 – 2019 
 Miss Rosalyn Bird 1988-2009
*Mrs Carole Tisdell 1975-1987
*Mrs Joyce Cowell 1952-1974 (admitted to AHIGS 1968)
*Dr Olga Wilson 1951-1953
*Miss Edith Roseby Ball 1933-1950


* denotes AHIGS membership - Please note that not all Heads have been members of AHIGS. 

L denotes Life Member