Brigidine College

Brigidine College St Ives is a Catholic independent school dedicated to the education of girls.

Framed by its motto, Fortiter et Suaviter, Strength and Gentleness, this education combines the spiritual, academic, physical and cultural dimensions of learning. With excellent academic results, a high level of achievement in the performing arts and sport and a strong commitment to service, girls at Brigidine are challenged to think and experience beyond their boundaries, to have the courage to question their world and model Christ’s teachings in their lives.

Brigidine girls are encouraged and developed so that they can recognise the challenges of the world they are in and help create the world into which they will venture. Integrity and ethical decision-making are at the core of their thinking and underpin their leadership. And all of this happens in a community which values and celebrates success in all its manifestations.

There is a spirit in this school worth experiencing.





325 Mona Vale Road, St Ives 2075 New South Wales





+61 2 9988 6200





Minimize Past and present members


*Ms Laetitia Richmond 2020 – Current
*Mrs Jane Curran 2010 – 2019
*Mr Jonathon Byrne (Acting 2009 - 2010)
*Mrs Joanne Atkin 2006-2009
*Mr John Bowie 1996 - 2005
 Sr Angela Ryan 1994 -1995
 Sr Joan Smith 1989-1993
 Sr Helen Connolly 1980 (Acting)
 Sr Anita Murray 1975-1989
 Sr Val McKenna 1975
 Sr Valentine McMahon 1971-1975
 Sr Thomas Keating 1968-1970
 Sr Theresita Bonser 1966-1967
 Sr Lawrence Kinkead 1960-1965
 Sr Romauld Walz 1954-1959



* denotes AHIGS membership - Please note that not all Heads have been members of AHIGS. 

L denotes Life Member