IGSSA Annual Report
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IGSSA Annual Report

2018 IGSSA Annual Report now available

The 2018 IGSSA  annual report is now available. While all schools will have now have received a copy, if you require additional copies, please contact the office. The 2018 report provides an outline of trophie winners, registrations and achievements of IGSSA athletes and schools for the year. The report outlines how our members’ schools continue to note the ability to integrate with other schools and the collegial spirit of the Association as the reason for engaging and supporting our Saturday sport competitions.
Please see Vicki Fitzgerald's 2018 director of sport's report below
January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018


IGSSA Saturday Sports and Carnivals during 2013:
Term 1 – Rowing, Softball, Tennis, Swimming, Diving, Tildesley Shield
Term 2 – Cross Country, Basketball, Football
Term 3 – Athletics, Netball, Hockey
Term 4 – Gymnastics, Water Polo, Touch
Saturday Sport registrations:
Softball                               1,215
Tennis                                1,901
Football                              2,461
Basketball                          2,600
Hockey                               2,157
Netball                                3,706
Water Polo                         1,270
Touch                                 2,314
TOTAL                            17,624
In the last 20 years, we have seen total registration numbers increase in our Saturday sports competition by 19%.  Our members’ schools continue to note the ability to integrate with other schools and the collegial spirit of the Association as the reason for engaging and supporting our Saturday sport competitions despite the difficulties of Sydney traffic.
Our registrations reflect both change and consistency in popularity of the different sports.  Basketball, netball and touch continue to increase in numbers, while softball and hockey have struggled.  The length of the season and increasing congestion in Sydney have challenged the participation rates.  Some sports have started to see teams opt for centralised and seasonal, local competitions.
This year, IGSSA have focused on providing support for schools in their quest to recruit and develop coaches.  This has resulted in coaching seminars each term where IGSSA sources a professional coach to host a session open to all IGSSA coaches.  In addition to this, IGSSA provided coaching manuals and an induction template to all schools to assist them in their coach development.  The initiative received significant support across all of our schools and IGSSA will continue to make this a focus for 2019.
In 2018, IGSSA took a representative football, netball and tennis team to the Interstate Challenge between Girls Sport Victoria (GSV), Queensland Girls Schools Secondary Sports Association (QGSSSA), Independent Sporting Association (ISA), IGSSA WA and IGSSA.  The Netball, Hockey and Football Open representative teams competed over a weekend (5, 6 & 7 October) hosted by QGSSA on the Gold Coast.  For the second year in a row, IGSSA returned with the championship trophy.  As a group the IGSSA team formed a tight bond and I was pleased to see new friendships formed in a supportive and enthusiastic environment.  I witnessed a great trip had by the girls as well as the staff and I was especially pleased to see a growing number of parents who came to support our IGSSA teams.
This year, our carnivals again provided an excellent opportunity for schools to showcase their athletes and the extraordinary depth of talent across all IGSSA schools.  The Rowing Regatta marked the beginning of the 2018 sporting carnivals, congratulations to Pymble Ladies’ College who were the overall winners on the day.
The Swimming and Diving Carnival continued to demonstrate the strength of independent girls’ school swimming and diving.  With the diving taking place on the same day as our Swimming Carnival, it is impressive to see the standard and number of competitors continues to improve every year.  Congratulations to Pymble Ladies College the 2018 Swimming and Diving Champions.
This year was an extremely special year for Tildesley Shield Tennis as we celebrated the 100th year of the shield.  There was a celebration to open the tournament as Don Cozen’s, grandson of the first ever singles winner Daphne Akhurst, presented the game ball to the youngest competitor in 2018, Meriden student Sarah Rokuset.  The three days saw many old girls return as supporters of the Tildesley Shield as schools hosted individual celebrations of their own unique history participating in the tournament.  While poor weather conditions threatened to prevent the completion of the competition, the third day allowed for the tournament to have all games finish and Meriden to take home both the Champion School Shield and both single and doubles trophies.
Congratulations to Frensham for hosting another successful year of Cross Country in 2018 and to Abbotsleigh, the 2018 Cross Country Champions. 
The IGSSA athletics season saw the continued success of the four twilight carnivals to demonstrate schools working congenially to facilitate athletic development.  On the day of the carnival, we enjoyed perfect athletics weather, warm with minimal wind.  Pymble Ladies’ College defended their overall champion school status and took home the 2018 trophy.
The Gymnastics Carnival allowed us to witness a spectacular display of athleticism and talent. In 2018, our winners were  Ravenswood winning the champion Rhythmic Gymnastics School, PLC Sydney winning the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and the overall champion school trophy.
Finally I would like to thank each member of the IGSSA Standing Committee for the time given to meetings and decision making.  I would like thank the AHIGS president, Mrs Susan Middlebrook, for the time and dedication she has committed during her time as president.  Mrs Susan Middlebrook has led IGSSA during a period of transition and transformation and I am personally grateful for her support and guidance.
Thank you also to the following people and Associations for their help and support throughout the year:
  • - School Councils, Boards and Principals for ensuring facilities are available for competitions
  • - School ground staff for maintaining the facilities in excellent condition
  • - Ron Jordan and Helen Wood for their ongoing support at our swimming and, athletics carnivals
  • - Jocelyn Bruce, Patrick Curteis, Helen Chapman, Lyn Feather for their ongoing assistance at our major carnivals
  • - Athletics NSW
  • - Swimming & Diving NSW
  • - NSW Rowing Association
Thank you to the Heads of School who continue to acknowledge the value of participating in sporting activities and the ongoing commitment required to support IGSSA.  Finally thanks must be extended to the Directors of Sport and school staff involved in managing Saturday sport, carnivals and representative teams. The AHIGS staff rely heavily on their feedback and advice and we felt an overwhelming amount of support from all schools in 2018.
Ms Vicki Fitzgerald
AHIGS Sports Director
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