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Accidents and Injuries

Policies - Accidents and Injuries

AHIGS and the Sporting Committee (IGSSA) does not insure against the cost of medical or dental expenses incurred by students, teachers, umpires, conveners, spectators or any other person participating in school sport.

The NSW State Government does provide free serious injury and death cover for all NSW school children under the Supplementary Sporting Injuries Benefit Scheme. A lump sum benefit is payable under the scheme to any NSW school child (or the Public Trustee should the child be under 18 years of age) who is injured while participating in a school authorised sporting or athletic activity and who has suffered a permanent disability of a certain kind. The cover does not include the cost of medical or dental expenses.

For more information about the Supplementary Sporting Injuries Benefit Scheme and the cover provided, please visit the NSW Sporting Injuries Committee website - www.sportinginjuries.nsw.gov.au/2_player_accident.asp

Although AHIGS takes care to ensure that inter-school sport is played in a safe environment, sporting activities are inherently dangerous and may result in personal injury, disability or even death. AHIGS therefore advises participants to consider their own insurance needs and to take action appropriate to their circumstances.

AHIGS also advises to read the Risk Warning in the policies section of this website.

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