Sporting Philosophy

What is IGSSA?

IGSSA is a sub-committee of AHIGS, the Association of Heads of Independent Girls’ Schools, NSW. There are 31 independent girls’ schools within AHIGS and IGSSA’s role is to provide sporting activities for the students of members’ schools.

The IGSSA philosophy was developed by AHIGS and is reviewed regularly. Its emphasis is on helping girls appreciate the value of physical activity, fair play, teamwork and good sportsmanship while building self confidence, skill, self discipline and responsibility.

Both individual and team sports are provided by IGSSA with eight different Saturday sports offered throughout the year. Six carnivals are also offered annually in the areas of swimming and diving, rowing, tennis, athletics, cross country and gymnastics.

In addition to providing inter-school sporting opportunities for girls, IGSSA also provides a pathway to representative competition at the state and national level. This commitment to school girl sport at all levels is central to the IGSSA philosophy of encouraging each student to develop her full potential as both an individual and team player.

Although IGSSA has grown rapidly in recent years, the formation of the sub-committee dates back to 1922, six years after the formation of AHIGS in 1916. Today, IGSSA sport is managed by the AHIGS Director of Sport who, with the support of a co-ordinator & administrative spoort staff, co-ordinates an extensive network of committees, conveners and umpires.

An opportunity for all

To ensure that every girl has the opportunity to participate in sport at her own level, IGSSA has developed a grading system which allows teams of similar ability to compete with one another throughout the season. All participating schools contribute to the grading process and much time and thought are invested in allocating the appropriate grade to each team.

The grading process begins with schools selecting teams and proposing grades. All schools are then invited to a grading meeting at which grades are finalised based upon player profiles, the number of representative players in each team, previous seasons’ results and the school’s justification for the grades sought.

Saturday sport

IGSSA sport is played on Saturdays during term time at members’ schools and public venues throughout Sydney. Country members’ schools visit Sydney to participate in round matches, sports finals and carnivals.

The girls can choose one sport each term from the following selection:

Term 1: Softball / Tennis
Term 2: Basketball / Football
Term 3: Hockey / Netball
Term 4: Water Polo / Touch


IGSSA sport carnivals are popular activities as they allow members’ schools to come together for a day of fun, friendship and competition. Carnivals also provide a pathway for talented girls to achieve representative honours.

The IGSSA carnivals include, Swimming and Diving, Rowing, Tildesley Tennis, Cross Country, Athletics and Gymnastics.  All carnivals are held at carefully selected venues, many of world class standing.

State representatives

IGSSA provides a representative pathway to a national level for elite athletes through its affiliation with the NSW Combined Independent Schools Sports Council (CIS), NSW All Schools and School Sport Australia (SSA).

Safety, risk, evaluation and improvement

Participation in sporting activities is potentially dangerous so IGSSA takes steps to reduce the risk of accident or injury by adopting a comprehensive program of risk management.

Every effort is made to identify potential hazards and these are addressed prior to the commencement of each sport or carnival. Venues are checked regularly; the safety guidelines of the overarching state sporting body are observed and behaviour at matches is governed by the IGSSA Code of Conduct. Venue conveners are trained to handle safety issues at their venue and reports are completed and reviewed for those accidents or injuries that do occur.

IGSSA encourages all participants to be aware of sport safety and feedback is encouraged via the IGSSA website.

In 2006 AHIGS received the NSW Sporting Injuries Committee’s award for outstanding achievement in sports safety at the state level.

Maximize General Sport Forms

Term Sports

Term 1


Term 2


Term 3


Term 4

Water Polo


Cross Country
Swimming & Diving
Tildesley Shield

Related News

Mary Webster

Get to know the women behind the overall champion school trophy at the IGSSA swimming championship.

In 2019 the IGSSA overall champion trophy will be named in honour of Mary Webster.

If you are unaware of Mary’s history with IGSSA, she worked for the association from 1983 - 1999 and has continued to assist with our representative pathways through her role at NSWCIS where she currently works in a sports administration role.

Mary is a wonderful friend to the association and a personal role model. I am inspired by her dedication to creating sporting opportunities for students of all levels but mostly I admire the extensive kindness she shows to everyone and the feeling of warmth that creates within our sporting community. We feel very privileged that Mary will be attending our swim and dive championship next Friday 22nd March, 2019.

As a former Pymble student we feel very lucky to embrace her as a friend of the association and I hope you enjoy the opportunity to read about her in the interview below.

IGSSA Rowing Regatta 2019

On Sunday February 22nd IGSSA hosted the annual IGSSA Rowing Regatta at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. It was a beautiful day on the water and I would like to acknowledge the spirit of the rowers, staff and officials for contributing to a very successful regatta. Congratulations to Pymble Ladies College, the overall champions of the day, Loreto Kirribilli for taking home the handicap champion trophy and St Catherine’s school for being the most improved. As always, Donna Baker (LOK) coordinated the carnival with great organisation and extensive expertise. We feel exceptionally lucky to have her as our IGSSA convener and extend a very special thank you for her efforts.


IGSSA athletes achieving in the international sporting arena

The end of 2018 highlighted IGSSA athletes as international and domestic sporting leaders

Over the Christmas holidays you may have noticed a number of IGSSA old girls making headlines in the international sporting arena. For those of you who missed it, the Aussie cricket team put up a magnificent display against England taking Australia to their fourth World T20 title.

IGSSA Annual Report

2018 IGSSA Annual Report now available

The 2018 IGSSA  annual report is now available. While all schools will have now have received a copy, if you require additional copies, please contact the office. The 2018 report provides an outline of trophie winners, registrations and achievements of IGSSA athletes and schools for the year. The report outlines how our members’ schools continue to note the ability to integrate with other schools and the collegial spirit of the Association as the reason for engaging and supporting our Saturday sport competitions.


IGSSA Indigenous Round

June 2018

In the final week of Term 2 sport, I enjoyed the opportunity to attend the inaugural indigenous round hosted by Pymble Ladies’ College.  It was wonderful to witness the contribution of our indigenous athletes.  Pymble and Loreto Normanhurst are to be commended on the spirit in which the day was held and thanked for encouraging a wonderful concept that we hope to see repeated.