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Welcome to IGSSA Hockey

All information will be posted on this website as soon as it is available.


IGSSA will be playing the following new 2015 FIH rules:

7.4 Change to Long Corner – When the ball is played over the backline by the defender unintentionally it will now be restarted at the 23 line, in line with where it left the pitch instead of the previous long corner spot.

13.2 If an attacking free hit is awarded just outside the circle it can be taken from that point and does not need to be taken back to the dotted line.  The ball still needs to move 5m OR be touched by another player before entering the circle.                         

IGSSA will NOT be playing the following FIH rules:

14.1 Green Card – Two Minute Suspension

14.2 Breaking at Penalty Corner

9.7  Playing the ball with the stick above the shoulder - except in S01 grade.                                        


As games are played on different surfaces, players are required to wear the correct footwear according to the surface they are playing on or they may not be allowed to play. Check the hockey venue list for surface types.                                            Synthetic pitches - good quality cross-trainers with grip or astro turf shoes.  Note: You will not be allowed to play in football boots.                                                                                                                                                                                         Grass pitches – football boots, good quality cross-trainers or astro turf shoes are allowed on grass fields and the Abbotsleigh Synthetic.                                                                                                  


July                           22, 29

August                      5, 12, 19, 26

September                2

Semis: (1 v 4, 2 v 3) 9 September  - no other playoffs **If PLC Armidale or NEGS in semis, these grades will be played on Friday 15 September

Finals:                       16 September  


In case of a venue closure, any match that has completed one half will be considered played, and the score taken from when the game was stopped.  Matches that are called off before reaching half time are considered cancelled.  Refer to the rules and guidelines for further information.

8 March 2017 IGSSA Hockey 16 & Under Representative Player Nominations   
16 March 2017 IGSSA Hockey 16 & Under Representative Trials URGENT - PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE TO CINTRA PARK
21 March 2017 NSWCIS Hockey 16 & Under Team Lists Due
28 March 2017 NSWCIS Hockey 16 & Under Championships        
3 May 2017 IGSSA Hockey Open Representative Player Entries         
10 May 2017 IGSSA Hockey Open Representative Trials - Homebush
17 May 2017 NSWCIS Hockey Open Team Lists Due        
15 May 2017 Hockey Team Entries, player profiles & officials due
22 May 2017 IGSSA Hockey Grading Meeting AHIGS
24 May 2017 NSWCIS Hockey Open Championships
17 July 2017 IGSSA Hockey Registrations Due
18 July 2017 Venue Conveners Seminar – AHIGS – 2 sessions 10:30 am or 6 pm
21 July 2017 NEGS Hockey & Netball Friday Night games
28 July 2017 PLC Armidale Hockey & Netball Friday Night Games   
4 August 2017 NEGS Hockey & Netball Friday Night Games
25 August 2017 PLC Armidale Hockey & Netball Friday Night Games      
19 September 2017 Hockey Post Season Meeting - AHIGS  

myIGSSA Mobile App:

No need to register to check scores, draws, venues and ladders, just bookmark the myIGSSA mobile screens (myIGSSA mobile app) using any internet enabled device.  

Sports - Term 3 - Hockey

 TitleModified DateSize 
2017 16 & under trials risk assessment15/03/2017166.50 KBDownload
2017 Hockey Scores Week 74/09/2017467.10 KBDownload
2017 Hockey Semis & Finals Results28/09/201757.44 KBDownload
2017 Hockey Venues17/07/201723.19 KBDownload
2017 IGSSA Hockey Risk Assessment16/06/2017165.50 KBDownload
2017 IGSSA Hockey Rules and Guidelines17/07/2017231.93 KBDownload
2017 Risk Warning For All Participants20/12/201619.19 KBDownload
IGSSA 2017 Hockey Playing Rules1/08/201722.60 KBDownload
Interpretation of the new FIH rules17/08/201054.50 KBDownload
Parking at Loreto Normanhurst22/07/2016294.65 KBDownload
Revised Rules for Legal Playing Up6/05/2015173.89 KBDownload


 TitleModified DateSize 
2017 Hockey Draw31/08/201773.46 KBDownload
2017 Hockey FINALS12/09/201714.94 KBDownload
Grading and Re-Grading Explained19/01/201220.61 KBDownload
Semi Finals DRAW5/09/201719.87 KBDownload

Entry Information and Forms - Registrations & Team Nominations now done through myIGSSA

 TitleModified DateSize 

Rep Teams and Information

 TitleModified DateSize 
Hockey 16 & U Rep Player Nominations20/12/201612.75 KBDownload
Hockey Open Rep Player Nominations24/04/201713.06 KBDownload
IGSSA Rep Clothing Order Form22/06/201799.50 KBDownload
IGSSA Representative Policy24/07/201737.70 KBDownload

Convener's Information

 TitleModified DateSize 
2017 Hockey Convener Contract & forms22/06/2017417.22 KBDownload
2017 Hockey Conveners Manual22/06/20171.79 MBDownload
2017 Hockey Umpire Contract & forms22/06/2017475.13 KBDownload
2017 Hockey Weekly Summary Sheet & Convener Checklists16/06/201721.34 KBDownload
2017 Spare Result/Score Sheet16/06/201719.95 KBDownload
AHIGS Accident Report16/06/2017153.90 KBDownload
AHIGS Incident Report Form22/06/201521.79 KBDownload