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Swimming and Diving

Carnival Information

Date : Friday 11 March 2016

Time: Pool Entry - from 7.00am, Warm Up - 7.30am, 1st Event - 8.30am, Finish - 3.30pm

All times will be confirmed closer to the carnival. These are approximate only.

Venue: Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Figtree Drive, Homebush

Map Link - http://goo.gl/maps/a3crR

29 February 2016 IGSSA Swimming & Diving In-Service - AHIGS, 10.30am - 1.30pm
3 March 2016
IGSSA Swimming & Diving Spectator Numbers Due
3 March 2016 IGSSA Additional Swimming Entries for NSWCIS
3 March 2016
IGSSA Meet Manager & Dive Recorder Entries Due
11 March 2016
IGSSA Annual Swimming & Diving Carnival – SOPAC, Homebush
23 March 2016
IGSSA Swimming & Diving Carnival Feedback Forms
4 April 2016 IGSSA Swimming & Diving Post Carnival Meeting – AHIGS
6 April 2016
NSWCIS Swimming Additional Events Due
6 April 2016
NSWCIS Swimming & Diving Entries & Officials
27 - 28 April 2016
NSWCIS Swimming & Diving Carnival 



  • All swimmers in individual events must wear an IGSSA  swimming cap, IGSSA polo shirt with  black shorts or track suit pants. Divers must also wear an IGSSA polo shirt with black shorts or black track suit pants.
  • School Relay swimmers do not need IGSSA clothing unless swimming in individual events, they are to wear school costume and their school swimming cap.
  • All other clothing is optional.
  • Order forms are available below - schools will be billed by IGSSA on their Term accounts.
  • Spare swimming caps will be available from managers on the day.

If you have clothing to pick up from the team managers please do this as early as possible. Seating signs will be posted at the pool to indicate where IGSSA is sitting.

All Swimmers MUST check in with the managers BEFORE they are marshalled to their first event.

Please check the NSWCIS website for all other relevant information.

Carnivals - Swimming and Diving

 TitleModified DateSize 
2015 Dive DD Table23/02/201569.64 KBDownload
2015 Dive Order of Events27/02/2015119.58 KBDownload
2015 Dive Recorder Entry Instructions23/02/2015UnknownDownload
2015 Dive Rules & Guidelines27/02/201538.02 KBDownload
2015 Risk Assessment IGSSA Swim and Dive Carnival25/02/201531.03 KBDownload
2015 Risk management overview SOPA25/02/201567.57 KBDownload
2015 Swim & Dive Officials Duties10/03/201519.82 KBDownload
2015 Swim and Dive Programme5/03/2015209.25 KBDownload
2015 Swim Order of Events5/03/201514.15 KBDownload
2015 Swim Rules and Guidelines9/03/201555.01 KBDownload
2015 Swim Seating Plan11/03/2015265.62 KBDownload
2016 Risk Warning Swimming and Diving12/01/201615.45 KBDownload
Event Photographer Permission Forms23/02/2012634.24 KBDownload
Swimming costume rules - FINA14/02/201319.96 KBDownload

Entry Information and Forms

 TitleModified DateSize 
2015 Diving Entry Summary Form23/02/201516.64 KBDownload
2016 Swimming & Diving Carnival Feedback Form12/01/201663.58 KBDownload
2016 Swimming extra event entries for NSWCIS12/01/201626.05 KBDownload

Rep Teams

 TitleModified DateSize 
2015 Swimming & Diving Rep Team Information12/03/2015179.37 KBDownload
IGSSA Rep Clothing Order Form12/01/201699.00 KBDownload
IGSSA Representative Policy12/01/201668.41 KBDownload